Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well as my first official post of summer I want to tell you about my trip to Gallery row. Every second thursday night of the month downtown L.A. hosts an art walk which allows free access to all of the art galleries. With this monthly event comes crowds of interesting street performers and a wide variety of clothing.

One of tha craziest things I saw was a man walking around giving people haircuts right on the street.

Along with the art Galleries were clothing stores... One of the strangest ones I saw was a store called Stella Dottir. This store features some interesting 20's clothing and at least 4 cats wandering around. It was pretty wacky but still interesting. This is Stella with a kitten.

Another cool thing I got to go to was an art gallery that was on the roof of own of the buildings featuring one artist I really enjoyed named yasmine diaz.. I really liked her new city collection. Here is one of her works of art.

There was another work of art in the Roof Top Gallery that I really liked but sadly I didn't write down their name. Here is a piece that reminds my of Andy Warhol because of its repetitiveness and play on manufacturing.

Sorry about the horrible photo quality... all I had was my cell phone. Here are some pictures of the view from the rooftop gallery and the band performing at the gallery

Another gallery that I really liked was LACDA which featured an exhibit about the mexican border by Hector Mata.

After exploring the galleries we went to Wurstkuche which is a fantastic german sausage grill with some very exotic sausages ranging from Rabbit and Veal to Alligator and Pork. I stuck with the sun dried tomato and Mozzarella with chicken and Turkey sausage which was easily the best sausage have ever had. I also got the Belgian fries with white truffle oil and the pesto mayo dipping sauce. This fantastic food was topped of with a great atmosphere including a live DJ and a warehouse feel.

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Victoria said...

wow. I cant belive I havent heard about it.. I love artwalks! Thanks!!